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In this two part series we will spend time debunking 8 myths about REVERSE MORTGAGES and how they can be a WIN-WIN for all. I sat down with two amazing gentlemen.  and Derek Helms from Fairway Independent Mortgage we took a deep dive and found EDUCATION and COMMUNICATION are the keys to UNDERSTANDING A REVERSE Mortgage. I look forward to helping you GET EDUCATED and to hear these two passionate and amazing GENTLEMAN Debunk the MYTHS. And as always I am excited that you have decided to choose us again and thank you for listening don't forget to subscribe and like our podcast for future episodes.



Here it is Epidsode 2 Part 2 of a Reverse Mortgage with Neil Gelbert and Derek Helms with Carolinas in Reverse. I am so excited for you to hear the final part conversation and as always dont forget to hit the subscribe button for our next EPISODE Creating a GPS for your life and your Business!!


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